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    Sonia Pang lives and works in Usk, having studied Photographic Art at UWN. She went on to become a practising photographer and exhibiting artist. For the past 15 years she has been a lecturer of art and photography, from teaching art therapy and running summer workshops to crafting degree course material.

    She is part of an art collective that champions local makers and artists, giving their work a platform at an annual pop up store in Usk, Sonia commissioned works and curated the space.

    Sonia has curated several private shows, where she selected artists, curated space and launched collections in the intimacy of her home, a traditional welsh long house in Llancayo. Over the past 5 years, her ‘Gallery at Home’ concept developed to commission photographic work, paintings, ceramics and furniture.

    In her home space Sonia explored themes of intimacy, nostalgia and family, encouraging the viewer to enjoy quiet emotional engagement with art works. And it is this feeling of home and this concept that she will develop and take into SeventeenTraitors Lane, where she will curate exciting pieces that compliment and celebrate Daniel’s art work.

    Sonia has been shooting her own photographic portraiture her whole life and has a passion for traditional photographic processes and taking pictures of her three children.