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  • cavalera 1

    cavalera I

    George Williams
    Giclée print
    35 x 27.5cm
    £30.00 (unframed)

    George Williams, born in Abergavenny and educated at the London Metropolitan University, is an artist and designer currently residing and working in Oxfordshire. His print work primarily consists of entwining illustratively abstract and realistic/semi-realistic subject matter on a variation of popular and experimental materials.

    A large part of his abstract process involves testing compositional structure and balancing shape and colour. His realistic/semi realistic work employs heavy use of illustrative black lines and graphical outlines inspired by past Japanese printmaking and modern graphic design, drawing on a variation of subject matter closely related to imagery from world travel, among other elements.

    George’s painting concerns thick oil impasto works that focus on traditional and modern landscapes, moulding into new forms as cement like layers of paint encroach on the original subject matters’ compositional shapes.