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    Daniel Crossan
    spray paint on canvas
    50 x 40cm

    Born in Dublin, Ireland, Daniel Crossan has been obsessively drawing and painting from an early age. Growing up in Tottenham, North London, he was exposed to the world of 80s cartoons, the explosion of music television, The Simpsons, impossible 8-Bit video games, and collectible plastic action figures.

    Crossan gained a BA in Illustration at The Birmingham Institute of Art and Design where he discovered a DIY ethos that still echoes through his work. “We got bored in Birmingham and put on our own exhibitions after we graduated. Half of my work got taken off the walls. I hope it was ‘cos someone liked it rather than they thought it was shit.”

    Influenced by Outsider Art, tattoos, graffiti, African Art, Neo Expressionism and contemporary character design, Crossan’s work is colourful, expressive and has a loose narrative that connects to the work as a whole. A strange cast of characters, distracted and confused, trying to connect with each other and the world around them.